Roesink Laboratories, LLC Terms and Conditions

All services provided by Roesink Laboratories, LLC are expressly limited to the terms and conditions stated herein, unless customer and Roesink Laboratories, LLC have agreed otherwise in a formal written contract.

Confidentiality - All results and client information will be held in strict confidence. Roesink Laboratories, LLC requires written permission for information to be released to a third party. Information released to legal or other regulatory authorities is exempt. In any instance where information is subpoenaed by and must be released by a government agency, or is otherwise required to be disclosed pursuant to law or regulation, you will be promptly notified. No references to the analyses, the results, or the services of Roesink Laboratories, LLC may be made in written form, advertising form, or news release form; without the prior written consent of Roesink Laboratories, LLC.

Pricing - Our pricing is stated per sample test with our regular lead time. Rush samples and results are available; however, a rush charge will be incurred. A volume discount may be available for large volumes-depending on what type of test or analysis is needed. Please contact our office for quotations on testing or analysis which is not on our price list. Additional fees apply when confirmation work is performed. Confirmation fees are variable. Pricing information regarding confirmation fees can be provided by contacting our office. All weekend work incurs a 75% surcharge.  Pricing is subject to change.

Payment - All fees are charged or billed directly to you. Company accounts may be established, in which we will request a credit card for the first order, and we will keep the number on file. Invoices go out after test results have been completed. Terms are net 30 from the date of the invoice, after which time we reserve the right to charge a 1.5% per month late charge or the maximum amount permitted by law (if less) on all unpaid balances. If payment is not received within 30 days of the invoice date, the amount will be placed on the credit card or you will be re-billed. We accept Visa and MasterCard. Any deviation in payment terms must be agreed to in writing. Roesink Laboratories, LLC reserves the right to cease all work if you do not pay your invoice(s). If you default in payment for services rendered, you are responsible for reasonable collection and/or legal fees.

Billing - All fees will be charged directly to the customer, unless a third party has signed a statement of payment responsibility.

Reports - Our reports may not be reproduced. Written approval of Roesink Laboratories, LLC is necessary to reproduce any report and report must be reproduced in full. Roesink Microbiology Laboratories may retain paper and electronic records of reports and quality control information for a period of 7 years.

Sample Storage and Retention - Roesink Laboratories, LLC will store all samples upon completion of our analysis report. The following retention schedule is applicable: raw perishable samples will be refrigerated and stored for 7 days. Other perishable samples will be refrigerated for 14 days; and all other samples will be saved for 21 days, unless customer specifically arranges otherwise through our office.

Litigation - All litigation disputes, including compliance to product documents or testimony, subpoenas, or any other disputes relating to work performed by Roesink Laboratories, LLC in connection with work performed for customer shall be paid by the customer. Costs could include, but are not limited to: travel and accommodations, counsel, hourly charges, and all other expenses which could be associated with litigation or dispute.

Warranty and Liability Limits - Roesink Laboratories, LLC will perform all work in accordance with written or published methods and will be in accordance with Roesink Laboratories, LLC Quality Assurance Policy. Warranty is limited to our accuracy of analysis of samples as received. NO other warranty-either express or implied is made by Roesink Laboratories, LLC. This includes; without limitation-the condition, or fitness for a particular purpose of any service, result or test. Liability of Roesink Laboratories, LLC from all cause of action shall be limited to the fees paid by the customer for the services. The customer agrees to indemnify and defend Roesink Laboratories, LLC from all claims, liabilities and expenses relating to the customers use of the services, test results and analysis. Placement of an order for analysis or testing service constitutes the customer; customers acceptance of the terms and conditions stated herein. This shall supersede any provision to the contrary stated in any purchase order or in any work places by the customer.



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