Specialized Services Available to Food Industries:

Our services are designed to provide the Food Industry with a full complement of analytical and diagnostic services in a timely, prompt, cost effective manner. Specialized services include the microbiological analysis, monitoring, and interpretation of raw products, cooked products, shelf life studies, equipment and food contact surfaces, and environmental samples. The purpose of these tests is to validate sanitation efforts, the proper handling of food, and evaluate the abundance and distribution of specific bacterial organisms on food products and in environment.  The intent of performing these tests is to assure high-quality food products, sanitary equipment, workers compliance to food handling procedures, and a cleanly production environment.  Estimated test time is dependent on test. In addition, we provide Consulting/Quality Control Services, which consist of designing, implementing, and managing personalized testing programs.

Estimated test time is dependent on specific test and on when test is initiated. Samples received in late afternoon or evening will not be started until the following morning, unless RUSH/STAT analysis is requested, in which an additional fee is applied. 

  • Aerobic Plate Count:  Determine the quality of food samples by submitting them for an aerobic plate count.
  • Pathogen Testing of Food Products:  Gain valuable insight into the safety and quality of food products by analyzing samples for major food pathogens which are regularly a concern to public health


  • Sample Collection & Sample Pick-up:  Have a qualified RML Field Technician collect and transport your samples, which saves clients time and the hassle of packaging and shipping samples - or - clients may collect samples themselves and arrange for our courier service to pick-up sample coolers.


*Prices are subject to change. Clients may ship samples to Roesink  Laboratories, LLC or have a field agent professionally collect and transport samples for them. 

Technician Service Fee: An hourly technician fee is charged whenever one of our technicians visits a sampling site. Technician fees are calculated based on the amount of time the technician spends analyzing food handling, sanitation procedures, environmental aspects, food variety, taking samples, etc.

Mileage: Contact us for a quote.


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