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Welcome to Roesink Microbiology Laboratories, LLC


Roesink Microbiology Laboratories, LLC is a fully equipped, Independent Microbiology Testing Laboratory, specializing in providing a full complement of consulting and diagnostic services, which assists food, dairy, veterinarian, and environmental science industries in achieving and/or maintaining their Quality Assurance statements for their products and/or services in a prompt, cost effective fashion.  We take pride in delivering superior and reliable services with a fast turnaround, which we feel allows clients to perform their jobs in a more efficient manner.  All laboratory testing methods are Certified, Accredited, or Standards Methods for specific industries.

Choosing the right laboratory for your testing and consulting needs can be a sensitive and difficult process, yet it is a critical step in achieving your ambitions and maintaining your good name.  Our main objective at RML is to please our clients and customers far beyond their expectations, all the while, upholding strong scientific and business credentials, which is why, when you partner with RML, we guarantee you will receive our complete competence and dedication in helping you achieve your goals.  Choosing RML for testing and consulting services, provides you with invaluable benefits and professional laboratory service with quality care. 

: What you can expect when you partner with RML     

A.    RML Guarantee - We guarantee that clients and customers can be assured that our lab will provide them with Quality Analytical and Diagnostic Testing, Effective Consulting, and Professional Sample Collection and Transport for all of their microbiological needs. 

B.    Quality Assurance - Our Quality Assurance Program administers all aspects of our consulting and laboratory services. This program involves a strict set of procedures, policies, and protocols for addressing issues of planning and responsibility, facility and environment, sample handling, quality control measures, analytical and diagnostic testing, equipment, calibration and standards, data handling, verification and reporting, corrective actions, analyst training, performance, and system evaluations. The program also identifies various stages of analysis and probable points of error for a systematic approach in agreement with the order in which tasks are performed to assure a systematic advance for quality assurance and quality control to all laboratory and consulting services. 

C.    Quality Management - Our laboratory Quality Management Plan serves as the framework for the organizational structure, responsibility, procedures, and resources for implementing quality management and producing quality results.

D.    Cost Effective Services - As a independently owned and operated company, we can offer highly competitive testing prices. In addition, we offer - free of charge - sterile collection containers and shipping supplies, provided contents are being submitted to our lab for testing. 

E.     Personal Relationships & Quality Care - We maintain personal relationships with customers and clients, provide them with the attention they deserve, and understand their needs. 

F.     Convenience - We provide Sample Collection & Transport, which saves clients time collecting, packaging, and shipping samples while reducing the risk of sample contamination by untrained personnel. Simply put, from sample collection to final reports, customers and clients get their results in the shortest time possible, ultimately saving them money.
















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